The Northern Star

The Northern Star will bring 
Clear skies of cristalline
But as the sails emerge from far upon the sea
I’ll be a wave and a spark
And I’ll embrace you, foreign land
And you, my precious lost and distant homeland
You’ll be a caress, and a wound- blunt
When day will dawn on a new land
Now I am flying to my life’s vivid fair
Now I am flying to my lifetime’s feast
Old moons, old moons of mine,
New birds, new birds of mine
Expell the sun, expell the dawn from mountain heights
And you will see me passing through
Like a lightning in the skies




Miltiadis Sarigiannidis, Surgeon, Greece

Translator’s notes:

My translation follows the original’s rhymes and syllables, so that it can be be sung in English without any further modifications.