The Songs of Gatsos in the Classroom

How do I . . .

. . . find a song?

Option #1: Use search (click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of any page) to search the titles and texts of songs, or . . .

Option #2: Go to the webpage Songs for Reading and Translation, scroll down and click on one of the headings to expand the list of songs, and then search visually or with Command+F (Mac) or Control+F (Windows).

. . . use the translation viewer?

For an example, see the song Χάρτινο το φεγγαράκι.

Scroll down to read a song and to see its accompanying footnotes as they appear in the 2018 edition of All the Songs.

Scroll horizontally to view any translations that are attached to the song. If you don’t see anything to the right of a song’s original lyrics, this song is waiting for your translation!

. . . submit my students’ translations?

Option #1: Use the submission form (click on “Submit a translation” in the top right corner of any page), entering your text in the box labeled “Your translation,” or . . .

Option #2: Email your submission(s) to Keith DeStone (kdestone (at)

Option #3 (not yet available): You can be given a role on the website that will allow you to post translations done by your students. A short training will be required.

How to use the translation viewer in the classroom


You will need to be able to project your screen so that your students can follow along.

Depending on the size of your screen and the zoom level of your browser, you may be able to display two or three translations next to the original lyrics.

As you scroll horizontally through the translations, the original lyrics will always stay in view.


Choose a song and hold a translation contest among your students; submit the winning translation to be posted.

Choose a song and assign your students come up with a translation together; submit the resulting translation to be posted.

In class, ask your students to analyze the relative merits of already-posted translations of a chosen song.

Use the site as a primary text sourcebook of the original Modern Greek lyrics of Nikos Gatsos.

As materials in the Gatsos Archive continue to be digitized and posted to the site in audio and/or visual form, use the site as a multimedia primary text sourcebook.